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iPhone 7 rumors


Here we have decided to put all the rumors that we hear about the new iPhone 7.

  • the design will be similar to that of the iPhone 6S.
  • the dimensions of the iPhone 7 will be the same as the iPhone 6S. The handset apparently measures 138.30 mm by 62.12mm, there are no details on how tick it will be, but the iPhone 6S measures 7.1mm thick so it should be the same.
  • the iPhone 7 to get a number of upgrades, this will include a new Apple A10 processor and more RAM, plus iOS 10.
  • Apple may add another gigabyte of RAM memory to the iPhone 7 Plus, increasing it to 3GB in total.
  • maybe the3.5mm audio jack will be gone and iPhone will receive the Smart Connector which Apple debuted with the iPad Pro.
  • Apple will use their new dual camera in the 7 Plus only, the handset will also apparently come with 3GB of RAM.



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