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How to restore a user on VestaCP

Data storage hard disk drive uncovered with assembly case cover part and screwdrivers, Computer hardware repair concepts.

After you have backup up your users on VestaCP you can easily restore them. Please note if you have backedup your user with cPanel or other system this tutorial will not work.

First of all please copy the archives on path /backup/.

After that the following command will help you to restore a user in VestaCP is:

v-restore-user user nameofarchive.tar

So lets say we want to restore user mmm with archive name mmm.2019-06-07_10-05-58.tar. The command will look like this:

v-restore-user mmm mmm.2019-06-07_10-05-58.tar

Please note: from what i have seen you need to use the same username as on the old server. The system will give you an error if you wish to change the username into something new. If i exported user mmm i need to import the same user mmm. It will not allow me to change the username as something else.

How to backup all users on VestaCP

External Hard disk drive connect to laptop

I use VestaCp for lots of my servers on DigitalOcean. I will make a new posts that will explain what commands i use on this system.

When you wish to transfer a website account or you just wish to backup your sites i use the following command:


This command will create a backup for all users on VestaCp and will create the archive on folder /backup/ on the server(if you did not add a custom backup path).

How to check what devices wakes up the computer from sleep mode

laptop with man hand, his finger is pushing the space bar

I usually do not power off my computer but put it in sleep mode or hibernate.

The best thing about this is you have all your software opend and you do not need to stay much time to see what you were doing before you stopped working.

But on my workstation i just reinstalled my Windows and in the morning i always find my PC already on. What can you do to fix this issue?

Simple: you just need to run the bellow command:

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

Anfter you have run this command you will see a list of devices that wakes up your PC.

You need then to go to Device manager, find those devices and unselect the option from Power Management: Allow this device to wake the computer.

After you have finished the list you can run again the command to see if the result is NONE. If that is the case then you are done:)

How to download your email data from Microsoft account


I am going to show you How to download your email data from outlook.com.

If you wish to download your Microsoft emails you need to login to outlook.com

Here go to top menu on Settings Icons and on the bottom of the popup go to View All Outlook settings

Here select General and the Privacy and data.

Press on export mailbox. Please note that this action can take up to 4 days to be finished. You will receive a notification when the archive is ready

How to create a document on Google Docs with option to Suggest an Edit


I am going to show you How to setup different How to create a document on Google Docs with option to Suggest an Edit

If you wish to allow other users to suggest edits but not to have the option to change file just press Share on the top.

Here select Anyone with the link can comment. Now users have the possibility to make comments and suggest edits.

Lets test this.

You see how i can edit the page and make suggestions. is quite easy and effective.

How to setup different Headers on first page in Google Docs


I am going to show you How to setup different Headers on first page in Google Docs

By standard Google Docs allows you to setup headers quite easy. Just double click the top part and you will activate the headers.

Go to first page and double click the header.

Here just click on Different first page and you will have a different header for the first page. Is that easy.

How to Change the Keyboard on Your Android Phone


I am going to show you How to Change the Keyboard on Your Android Phone.

Some of the keyboard on Android have already a build in a key for this action. when you tap it will allow you to change the keyboard. I have here a globe key that if i press will allow me to select the keyboard.

Some keyboards like this do not have this. So how can you change it?

Go to Settings->General management -> Language and input

Here you will find the option for Default keyboard.. this will allow you to change it back how you wish.

How to Turn On and Off Your Phone’s Flashlight


I am going to show you How to Turn On and Off Your Phone’s Flashlight.

For this to work you will probably need a app that your phone already has or you can install one from Play Store

Just go and search for flashlight. If you find an app on your phone just enter into it and it should be real easy to turn on and off your flashlight.

If you do not find a app on your phone go to Play Store and search for flashlight. Install any app on this section. You can check what i installed on my video

After the install is done just open the app and see how it works. Usually it has a big button to turn on/off the flashlight, like this app has.

Best Editing and Filters apps for 2019


It is not time to continue the series for best apps for 2019. We are now going to talk to you about the next best apps to use in 2019.

For Best Editing and Filters apps for 2019 we have a good list of Android app:

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Prisma Photo Editor

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  • Unique neural mechanism behind the scene

Reduce white borders on images with Image Magick


Today i had a very big problem as i had to crop an image to get all the white border out. I tried multiple solution using GD library from PHP but did not get it right.

The solution I found came from Image Magick software. I install the software on Ubuntu and used the following code to remove the white borders from images:

 $im = new Imagick("pathtooldimage");
$im->trimImage(0.1 * $im->getQuantum());
$im->borderImage("#ffffff", 20, 20);
$im->setImagePage(0, 0, 0, 0);
$im->writeImage("path to new image");