Ransomware attacks in April comprised the largest number of such threats on record in the United States, with a 158.87% spike in ransomware attacks from March to April 2016.dditionally, ransomware made up a larger percentage of overall infections in April than in any other month in the last three years.

The experts at ESG looked at more than 65 million malware infections detected by its software in the US since April 2013. They found that ransomware in April 2016 more than doubled the total from March 2016. A

“Cyber criminals tend to go with what works, and in this case the threat of losing valuable photos and other documents forever is enough to make some people pay the ransom,” Gerding says. “The more people give in to the demands, the more encouraged the ransomware makers become.”

Best Defense Against Ransomware

  1. Regularly backup your data to an external device or to the cloud. That way, if you do get a ransomware infection, you can simply restore your data.
  2. Update your software. Make sure all of your operating system and anti-virus/anti-malware programs are set to update automatically.
  3. Think before you click an unknown link. Almost all of the ransomware infections attacking individual computers are a result of someone getting tricked into clicking on a link from either in a bogus email, a hijacked social media account.
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