How to Verification of Age in WordPress

Hello friends,

I am going to show you how to do Verification of Age in WordPress.

First let’s go to Plugins->Add new

Here let’s search for Age Gate. Press on Install now on this plugin. After the install press on Activate.

Go to Age Gate-> Restrictions.

Here we have lots of options like Default Age, type of validate age. Also we can enable the Remember me checkbox.

Lets go now to Messaging. Here we can add the messages we wish to appear on the age limitation page.

We can check also appearance and do some styling so we mach the colors to Your site.

Now let’s see how it looks the age verification. We will open our site in Incognito mode. Nice.

You can also select other type of validation. Lets see how it looks the other validation.
First the dropdown boxes

And now the input fields.

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