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How to keep your WordPress secure


Hi guys,

I will try to give you some of the best and easiest advice to keep your site off malware and viruses. So what can you do to protect your website?

  1. Always keep your WordPress updated. You must try to have the latest version of core WordPress. Why? Because most of the updates solve security problems
  2. Always keep your theme and plugins updated. The same apply for the themes and plugins
  3. Set a strong password for administrator username
  4. Try not to use the administrator username as admin
  5. Install a plugin like Wordfence or iThemes Security. The second one is the best one.
  6. Check from time to time on administration panel the Users-> All users. Check to see what users have administrator role.
  7. Try to make your custom URLĀ for login.
  8. soon more updates


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