How to install VestaCp with PHP+Mysql+Nginx on Ubuntu on digitalocean

Hello friends,

I am going to show you how to install Vestacp on Ubuntu on DigitalOcean.

So the easiest way to do this is to to and get the commands from here.

Let’s copy the line from Download instalation script. Copy and paste it on putty. You can do this by right clicking on putty. And press enter

After this go to Advanced install settings. I suggest to install only what you need.
I always use nginx+PHP and Mysql.

Press Generate install command.

Let’s copy again the command and put it on putty.

For some reason it seems you need to add a short text on the command to work on digitalocean. –force

Here lets click on Y.

White an email address and then on hostname i always use the IP of the server on installation

For a 10$ a month dropplet it took me around 5 minute to install vestacp. It could take you less if you bought a bigger dropplet.

After the install is doneā€¦ you should received the admin account and password. Lets test if it works

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